Aquatherm’s Reliability

Aquatherm’s Reliability

Building owners and developers want their plumbing and mechanical systems to work. Period. When a piping system fails, the expenses add up quickly, including labor, materials, and even incidental damage. At the same time, parts of the building can become unusable, resulting a further loss of value.

That’s why Aquatherm has combined one of the longest-lasting piping materials, polypropylene, with the most dependable joining method, heat fusion, to create the perfect piping system for any building.

Polypropylene is internationally renowned for its ability to resist physical stress and chemical corrosion, the two principle causes of failure in piping systems. Heat fusion gives the joints the exact same chemical properties as pipe and fittings, removing any inherent weaknesses from the system. Combining these two technologies results in a hassle-free system that won’t leak, fail, or need maintenance.

Impact, vibrations from mechanical equipment, and in most cases even freezing, will not compromise the integrity of aquatherm greenpipe and climatherm. Both systems incorporate the faser-composite technology, allowing them to withstand operating temperatures of up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit (90 Celsius) while still staying rigid on its hangers.

Whether carrying an aggressive fluid, or installed in an aggressive environment, Aquatherm is up to the task. Polypropylene resists interaction with most chemicals, even in high concentrations, so pipe and fittings will last for their projected 50-year life-cycle and beyond. Both aquatherm greenpipe and climatherm can be directly buried or encased in cement, reducing the need to construct additional access routes.

Building owners and developers are asking for Aquatherm because they know it will always be working, and that’s one less thing for them to worry about.

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